Arten- und Strukturvielfalt in Douglasienwäldern – Untersuchungen zu Wachstum, Biodiversität und Invasivität in Naturwaldreservaten und bewirtschafteten Vergleichsflächen in Rheinland-Pfalz

Quelle: Forstarchiv 86; 4, 107-113 (2015)
Autor(en): BALCAR P

Abstract: To assess the ecological integration of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) into the natural forest ecosystems and especially of her invasivness two strict forest reserves (SFR) and two managed comparative areas (MCA) were established. They are each in a main occurrence of Douglas fir, i. e. in the Palatinate Forest and the Eifel Mts. and are observed for forest structures, regeneration, vegetation, beetles and fungi. The structures oft the compact wood in both regions differ characteristically with regard to establishment and treatment of the stands: while in the Palatinate Forest Douglas fir was cultured admixed with beech, pine and spruce, in the Eifel Mts. Douglas fir stands were established primarily pure. In both SFR Douglas fir rejuvenates at significantly lower proportions (number of trees) as compared to the main stand (percentage of basal area). The survey on vegetation shows that older Douglas fir pure and mixed stands reveal a higher degree of structure and species diversity than even-aged and relatively close-to-nature mixed stands of beech-hornbeam-sessile oak, beech-Scots pine and Norway spruce-beech. Regarding the beetle fauna Douglas fir stands have always turned out fewer species than the next located mixed stands. Similar result is also obtained in the survey of fungi, whereas in the Palatinate Forest species skipping from pine to Douglas fir could also be observed. The ecological integration and invasiveness of Douglas fir is partly assessed differently: While no displacement and no disappearance of species could be observed on the sites studied, the Douglas fir applies to dry and tend to lean locations as competitive and able to displace other species, which nature conservation sees problematic.

Diversity of structures and species of Douglas fir forests – surveys to growth, biodiversity and invasivity of strict forest reserves and managed comparative areas in Rhineland-Palatinate

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