Utilization Potential of Myanmar Lesser-Used Timber Species [Short contribution]

Quelle: Forstarchiv 80: 4, 129-131 (2009)
Autor(en): Sint KM, Hapla F

Abstract: With a view to promoting utilization potential of inferior lesser-used timber species, lessening a high dependency on commercial timber species and meeting a higher timber demand, physical and mechanical properties and treatability of five naturally grown Myanmar lesser-used timber species, relatively abundant and non-durable, were investigated and their utilization potential were discussed. Dipterocarpus tuberculatus is strong enough to use in structural applications. As it is extremely difficult to treat, enhancement of its durability will be difficult and thus its utilization is limited to indoor applications. The other species are soft and suited to production of wood composites. Moreover, as Bombax insigne and Bombax ceiba are the most easily treatable and available in large quantities, their utilization should be augmented through wood modification processes. Modification with melamine is the most promising process to upgrade their properties because it not only improves durability and physical properties, but also enhances some mechanical properties like side compression strength and surface hardness.

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